Category Categorization of industries situated in gida on the basis of inspection made in the year 2018-19 as

Categorization of industries situated in gida on the basis of inspection made in the year 2018-19 as

Strategy for New India

No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of Vision IAS. Table of Contents. Demand for Abolishing the Concurrent List 4. Cyber-Physical Systems. BullSequana Supercomputer. Draft IT Rules.

Section 4 of the RTI Act. Witness Protection Scheme. Sunspot Cycle. Telerobotic Surgery. India Water Impact Summit and Urban. River Management Plan. Charging Infrastructure Guidelines. Asiatic Lion Conservation Project. Tiger Conservation. Great Indian Bustard. Gangetic Dolphin. Rat-Hole Mining. Conference on Sustainable. Water Management.

Eco Nivas Samhita, International Whaling Commission. Punganur Cows. Women Entrepreneurship Platform 2. Partners' Forum Ideate for India. National Accreditation Board for Certification. Rajkumar Shukla. Clean Sea Recent Military Exercises. Saturn Losing its Iconic Rings.The normal onset date for northeast monsoon is October 20, but this year it has been delayed due to a a cyclonic circulation in the Bay of Bengal. The Vantangiya community comprises people who were brought from Mayanmar to plant trees for afforestation during the colonial rule.

The community faces problems related to the use of natural forest produce like fruits, honey, wax, wood and leaves to meet their daily needs as the forests inhabited by them are not considered as revenue villages. Conversion of tribal-dominated forest villages to revenue villages under the provisions of the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers Recognition of Forest Rights Act will enable the administration to adopt development measures such as setting up of schools, dispensaries, and other such facilities in these villages.

Caught in a four-decade, inter-State wrangle, the villagers of Umru come together to ensure a safe stopover for a flock of Amur falcons. Subscribe to my channel. Attend Demo Live Lecture. Search for:. On November 7, he will visit Vantangiya villages for Diwali celebration. MAP showing Maharajganj district in which Vatangiyas lives.

The Vishakha guidelines introduced by the apex court in were evolved into a parliamentary law called the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act of The petition filed by advocate Maneesh Pathak said religious institutions also have women employed there other than those working on a voluntary basis. It also sought directions to the Centre to provide adequate measures for women safety at religious places by conducting periodic checks by State women panels.

The petition mentioned recent instances such as cases of priests being accused of sexual abuse in Kerala and of self-styled gurus like Daati Maharaj, Baba Ram Rahim and Asaram Bapu.

The summit will seek to review the progress in ties and deepen the strategic dimension of the relationship. Modi was received by Mr. Modi tweeted. The two leaders took a stroll in the garden and then Mr. Abe hosted a luncheon. Nearly a month after he was released from jail, Mr.

Yameen in February, Mr. Wickremesinghe, replacing him with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The President subsequently prorogued Parliament for over two weeks, deferring the possibility of a floor test until November Sirisena to reconvene the House. The prorogation should be done in consultation with the Speaker. Jayasuriya said the move would have serious and undesirable consequences for the country and urged Mr.

Sirisena to reconsider the decision.

29th Oct 2018-The Prayas News Analysis

Rajapaksa said he had accepted Mr. Rajapaksa said the primary objective of leaders and lawmakers who had joined him and Mr. Sirisena was to ensure early conduct of provincial and parliamentary elections.

What are the reasons for replacement of PM?Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Manual on norms and standards for environment clearance of large construction projects New Delhi.

And also we are using nearly billion cubic meters BCM water both ground and surface. By saving energy through Green buildings, we will make the air much purer to breathe. Green is safer, economically attractive and above all healthy. I would suggest that this should be the basis ………… to deliberate and prepare a decadal plan for the nation for implementation.

Excerpts from the speech on Introduction 11 Background 11 A. Chapter 3 Managing transport including noise and air 3. Bookmark not defined. Land Environment 2. Water Environment 3. Vegetation 4. Fauna 5. Air Environment 6. Aesthetics 7. Socio-Economic Aspects 8. Building Materials 9. Energy Conservation Environment Management Plan Background With an economic growth rate of 8.

With 35 cities with populations in excess of 1 million, and more cities joining the list, investments in urban infrastructure are projected to be higher than ever before. This is one sector of the Indian economy that has activities, which are directly or indirectly linked to every other economic sector. The gross built-up area added to commercial and residential spaces was about Construction activities in India have been pursued without giving much attention on environmental issues.

Gujarat Industries Power Co Ltd.

This has resulted in pressure on its finite natural resources, besides creating impacts on human health and well-being. Unplanned and unsustainable urban development has lead to severe environmental pressures. The green cover, ground water resources have been forced to give way to the rapidly developing urban centres. Modern buildings built in our cities have high levels of energy consumption because of requirements of air- conditioning and lighting. The objectives of the Notification dated 15th September is to set procedures of environmental clearance before establishment of a project of identified nature and size.

This will include detailed examination of the nature of receptors and magnitude of anticipated impact on account of the proposed project. Large projects tend to have associated and consequential impacts.

Innovative approaches should be adopted to conserve resources, in particular, energy and water.ISSN 2 www. University, Professor Dean, India 5. Dr Bilal M. Chalapati, Professor, K. University, India Manjusha Kulkarni, Asso. Professor, Pune University, India 6. A total of research articles are published and I sincerely hope that each one of these provides some significant stimulation to a reasonable segment of our community of readers.

In this issue, we have focused mainly on the Upgrading of Recent Technology and Research. We also welcome more research oriented ideas in our upcoming Issues. Authors response for this issue was really inspiring for us. We received many papers from many countries in this issue than previous one but our technical team and editor members accepted very less number of research papers for the publication. We have provided editors feedback for every rejected as well as accepted paper so that authors can work out in the weakness more and we shall accept the paper in near future.

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M 1Prof. The fetal heart structure detection from is important for diagnosis of the fetuses which is difficult due to the small size of the initial level of the fetuses.

Fetal heart abnormalities are the most common congenital anomalies and also the leading cause infant mortality related to birth defects. A novel method is proposed for the detection of fetal heart structure from ultrasound images. An initial pre-processing is done for removal of noise and enhances the noiseless images. Level set method is applied to the sequence of fetal ultrasound images to segment the region of interest. However to observe the outflows tracts successfully requires special training in fetal cardiac image is known as an active appearance model, which is used to designed and trained using ultrasound sequences which efficiently extract the cardiac structure from an input image.

The developing methods are efficient which has been verified, validated and appreciated by the doctors. This is also the most important reason of the death of the new born baby. The difficult anatomy and dynamics of the fetal heart put together it a challenging organ to image.

More complex and investigation methods are essential to obtain diagnostic information concerning fetal cardiac anatomy and functions. Congenital heart disease CHD is a leading root of infant mortality with a predictable incidence of about per live births. Despite the well accepted utility of a four chamber view. We should be aware of potential diagnostic pitfalls that can prevent timely recognition of CHD.

Vol.2 Issue 4 June-July 2014 Edition, Final Copy

It technically routine views of the outflow tracts should be attempted as part of a comprehensive basic cardiac inspection. Evaluation of outflow tracts can expand the detection rates for major cardiac irregularity above those achievable by the four chamber view alone.

An extended basic examination minimally requires that ordinary great vessels are more or less identical in size and that they cross each other. The basic cardiac selection examination relies on a four chamber view of the fetal heart. This view should not be mistaken for a simple chamber count because it involves a careful evaluation of detailed criteria. To help identification of fetal heart is this paper we proposed a method for detection of fetal cardiac structure in the four chamber view.

The remaining of this paper is prepared as follows section 2 will describes the input ultrasound image sequences is first converted into the gray scale image.Strategy for.

New India November I ndia is on the cusp of a major transformation. Change has been in the making over the last four years. The economy is finally moving out of the negative legacies of the past, specially the reckless credit expansion. India has regained its position as the fastest growing large economy in the world. This is highly commendable.

However, to meet the rising aspirations of our young population, India needs to. There will be several milestones in this long and arduous journey. The first of these milestones will be in when India celebrates the 75th anniversary of its independence. Moreover, the Prime Minister has given his clarion call for establishing a New India by First, development must become a mass movement, in which every Indian recognizes her role and also experiences the tangible benefits accruing to her in the form of better ease of living.

Collective effort and resolve will ensure that we achieve a New India by just like independence was achieved within five years of Mahatma Gandhi giving his call of Quit India in The direct implication of ensuring rapid growth with inclusion is that policymaking will have to be rooted in Indian ground realities and emphasize the welfare of all in both design and implementation.

Second, development strategy should help achieve broad-based economic growth to ensure balanced development across all regions and states and across sectors. This implies embracing new technologies fostering innovation and upskilling. We will have to focus on the necessary modernization of our agriculture and mainstreaming of regions such as the North East, hilly states and the Aspirational Districts.

The direct outcome of this will be improved regional and inter-personal equity and elimination of dualism that has so far characterised our economy. We will put in place an economy that is predominantly formal, rule-driven and facilitates investment and innovation.

Third, the strategy when implemented, will bridge the gap between public and private sector performance. In this context, the government has focused on the efficient delivery of public services, rooting out corruption and black economy, formalizing the economy and expanding the tax base, improving the ease of doing business, nursing the stressed commercial banking sector back to a healthy state, and stopping leakages through direct benefit transfers and widespread use of the JAM trinity.

Strategy for New India This will ensure that India will not only achieve its ambitious goals forbut also go on to become one of the two largest economies in the world bywhen we celebrate the centenary of our independence.

Each chapter summarizes the current status of the sector, takes full cognizance of the progress made thus far and spells out the objectives. It then identifies the binding constraints and proposes measures to address these constraints.

It is our hope that this new approach will provide an inventory of readily implementable measures for the government departments and agencies both in the central and state governments. The focus of the strategy is to further improve the policy environment in which private investors and other stakeholders can contribute their fullest towards achieving the goals set out for New India We have followed a deeply participative approach in preparing the strategy.

The process started with a series of consultations with all possible stakeholders. Each area vertical in NITI Aayog had in depth consultations with all three groups of stakeholders, viz. This was followed by consultations held by NITI Aayog with seven sets of stakeholders that included scientists and innovators, farmers, civil society organizations, think tanks, labour representatives and trade unions, as well as industry representatives Lists at Annex 1 and 2.

Each chapter draft was sent to the respective line ministry for their inputs, suggestions and comments. The completed draft document was circulated to all the States and Union Territories. As many as 23 States and 4 Union Territories sent detailed and well considered comments and suggestions.This is the final answer key from our side.

We have explained with justifications all answers to all questions. Wish you all the best. These have been added for the sake of your convenience. Three satellites are located in suitable orbital slots in the geostationary orbit and the remaining four are located in geosynchronous orbits with the required inclination and equatorial crossings in two different planes. Hence, statement 1 is correct. S2: It is designed to provide accurate position information service to users in India as well as the region extending up to km from its boundary, which is its primary service area.

Hence, statement 2 is incorrect. There are plans to add 4 more satellites to the present constellation. Hence, statement 3 is incorrect. Hence, statement 2 is correct. Hence, statement 3 is correct. Justification: S1: It is developed by using three genes viz. S3: GM mustard was developed by scientists at Delhi University and the project was part-funded by the Department of Biotechnology, a division of the Science Ministry.

Justification: S1: The Belle II experiment is designed to record data at Super KEKB, a 3 km circumference asymmetric electron-positron collider with a performance similar or better than Belle or BaBar, the B factory detectors, in a much more severe beam background environment. Each node a computer connected to the network gets a copy of the block chain, which is downloaded automatically.

It allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene function. Its many potential applications include correcting genetic defects, treating and preventing the spread of diseases and improving crops. However, its promise also raises ethical concerns. The increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Justification: The carbon fertilization effect suggests that the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases the rate of photosynthesis in plants.

The effect varies depending on the plant species, the temperature, and the availability of water and nutrients. After you take some groceries from your refrigerator for making breakfast, it recognises the shortage of stock in it and places an order for the supply of fresh grocery items.

When You step out of your house and lock the door, all lights, fans, geysers and AC machines get switched off automatically. On your way to office, your car warns you about traffic congestion ahead and suggests an alternative route, and if you are late for a meeting, it sends a message to your office accordingly. In the context of emerging communication technologies, which one of the following terms best applies to the above scenario?

Often, these devices use internet protocol IPthe same protocol that identifies computers over the World Wide Web and allows them to communicate with one another. The goal behind the internet of things is to have devices that self-report in real time, improving efficiency and bringing important information to the surface more quickly than a system depending on human intervention. It has decided to harness IOT in transforming India through smart cities, etc.

Every solar panel which is made in India is assembled while all the material comes from China, Europe and some other countries. India is yet to develop semiconductor clusters. S2: CERC determines solar power tariffs and regulates the tariff of generating companies owned or controlled by the Central Government.

SECI has a power-trading license, but it does not set solar power tariffs. In fact, it ended up trading mainly with the Indian subcontinent and China, where the main items of trade were cotton, silk, tea, opium, and saltpetre potassium nitrate. It is widely regarded as the place where Gandhi made his first experiments in satyagraha and then replicated them elsewhere.

To commemorate the anniversary of the Champaran Satyagraha movement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited East Champaran in the Month of March, where he addressed over 20, swachhagrahis from across the country engaged in creating awareness among people to construct toilets and avoid defecation in open. Khedgikar, T. Ramanujam, V. Mathur, G.The information and map were well documented with our route outlined in green and our hotel name and night put in orange.

It was very easy to follow her suggested route and we had a full set of vouchers for each place we stayed, including a gift of the thermal pools in the Lake Myvatn area. My biggest concern was distance between places as it is difficult to plan how long we could stay in one spot before moving on. She worked the kilometers out and gave us an approximate time frame to reach the next destination.

That helped with adding or eliminating the amount of stops we could make. My only regret is having too few days in Iceland as well as several "down days" where we didn't feel like we had to move on so often. I would highly recommend this company and Alexandra.

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